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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Pier Advantage a natural wood product?
Yes. Pier Advantage is made from high-quality Southern Yellow Pine.
How is Pier Advantage “engineered for excellence”?
Pier Advantage is machined to have eased edges and stress-relief grooves. Eased edges help with durability, look, and feel, and stress-relief grooves reduce the natural tendency of wood to cup when exposed to moisture.
Are there a lot of visible knots on Pier Advantage?
Pier Advantage is virtually knot and wane free, but some pin knots are possible.
Is Pier Advantage suitable for applications near water?
Pier Advantage is treated with micronized copper azole to ground contact and fresh water use (UC4A). For specific needs, Pier Advantage can be treated to higher concentrations with MCA or differing chemicals. Please fill out our contact form to get more information.
Is Pier Advantage a good option for decks or other non-marine applications?
Yes! Pier Advantage is a fantastic mid-price, high-quality option for decks, patios, walkways, and more.
What is the price difference between Pier Advantage, composite decking, hardwood decking, and regular pressure treated lumber?
Pier Advantage is priced under the expensive costs of hardwood and composite materials, but above pressure treated lumber.
What sizes is Pier Advantage available in?
Pier Advantage is a machined 2-in x 6-in board, with final dimensions at 1 3⁄8-in x 5 ¼-in. It is available in 8-ft, 10-ft, 12-ft, 16-ft lengths.
What is the joist span that Pier Advantage can handle?
Depending on the application, Pier Advantage can span up to 24-in.
Can you paint, stain, or seal Pier Advantage? What is the maintenance?
Yes, you can. While painting is not commonly recommended or used, staining and sealing are common and could be considered part of a maintenance program that prolongs the life of any pressure treated lumber product, including Pier Advantage. Many Pier Advantage customers use water-based transparent stains/sealers. Additional maintenance includes keeping structures free of excessive debris and washing occasionally with mild soap and water.
Where is Pier Advantage sold?

Pier Advantage can be shipped anywhere. Please inquire for more information.